Can anyone climb?

Climbing is a fun activity that can be taken up, at any age.  We have members from all athletic backgrounds, from 3 years old to over 80.  Anyone can climb at Spirit Rock.  No experience is required to climb at Spirit Rock.  We can show you how to safely use our autobelays or bouldering wall in a few minutes.

Waiver Policy

Everyone must have a signed waiver to climb at Spirit Rock. Click Here to Download Waivers

Can a grandparent/relative/ friend’s parent sign the waiver for a minor?

Yes, but for that day only.  We much prefer a waiver signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian, in order to keep it on file.  You can find our waiver on our website and email it to, or bring it to the gym.

What’s the minimum age to climb?

We have a small bouldering wall at the front of the gym that is suitable for children aged 3-5.  That’s a great place to get them started.  We encourage them to climb up and down at a low height on their own, to build self-reliance and build climbing skills.  After they can do that, it’s a good time to introduce higher bouldering, and harnesses and swinging from an autobelay or rope.

I don’t know how to belay, can I climb?

We have quite a lot of climbing on our autobelays and bouldering walls.  We will show you the safety tips on that in a few minutes, and you don’t need to know how to belay to do that. For the committed climber, a belay course is $15 (link to belay course here).   We offer belay courses on a first come, first served basis, any time the gym is open.  We can teach a belay course to anyone 14 or older.

Do you provide belayers?

Belayers are provided by appointment only.   Please consider booking our Group Program for groups of five or more.

Is an appointment required to climb at the gym?

No, you can come climbing any time we are open.

Do I have to buy a day pass if I’m just belaying, not climbing?

We don’t require you to purchase a day pass for yourself if you want to do this, and you know how to belay.  We have harnesses and belay devices for rent if you need them.

Are climbing shoes required?

Climbing shoes are not required, but they are highly recommended.  The walls will all be considerably harder to climb without them.

Are shoes required?

Rock climbing shoes are not required, but recommended. Other clean indoor shoes are acceptable as well. We do have a no barefoot policy.

Is adult supervision required?

Participants 13 years old or younger must be supervised by an adult.  

Can I drop my children off at Spirit Rock for a few hours?

If you want to drop off your children, consider our Youth programming which includes: Kids Rock Day Camp during holidays, Pro-D Day Camps during the school year, Spirit After School, Climbing Club and Climbing Team.

Otherwise, children 13 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there an hourly rate?

No.  Our day passes are valid all day for the hours that we are open, and you can come and go as you please.  We are located in downtown Kimberley, with great restaurants, cafes, and other amenities to enjoy.

What clothes should I wear?

Any clothes that don’t restrict movement are great.  We suggest a shirt and pants or longer shorts that can be tucked under the harness so it doesn’t chafe.

Which memberships come with a buddy pass?

All of them.  You get one buddy pass, per calendar month of your membership, per person in your membership.  So, for example, a family of five can bring five friends to climb any time once per calendar month, climbing gear rental included. And, anyone can use a buddy pass once per month.

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