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No experience is required to climb at Spirit Rock.

No experience is required to climb at Spirit Rock.  We have enough variety for beginner to have fun, and for experts to stay interested.  We have three types of climbing, and most first time climbers usually stick to the bouldering and auto-belays.

is climbing low, short routes with no ropes.  There is a big cushioned mattress underneath you as fall protection.  This style of climbing is referred to as bouldering, since it began outdoors on boulders no more than 8 to 15 feet tall.  

Auto-belays are automated ropes anchored at ceiling height that let you climb to the top without a partner. When you let go or fall off, you are automatically lowered slowly to the ground. We have five of these devices, across a range of difficulty.

Roped climbing is what most people think of when they think of rock climbing. Rope climbing involves climbing high up the walls, with the assistance of a partner who is belaying. Belay courses are offered for $15 and belay tests are free.  This will open up a lot of climbing terrain, for the committed climber.

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Owners Ryan, Jim and Kevin had a vision of turning a vacant lot in Kimberley’s Platzl into a great place for people to meet, build community and experience climbing. They wanted to provide a high quality, safe and fun place for all levels of climbers, to help shift climbing away from being a fringe sport for “crazy daredevils” and into the mainstream.

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