Group Size
Minimum 5 people
90 minutes or 2 hours
$27 or $32 per person
Skill Level
Download here

Program Description

What a unique way to party!  We’re a place that provides a lot of fun, challenge, trust and safety in one package.  Imagine the look on your group’s face when you tell them they are going climbing for their special event. Then imagine their faces when they leave Spirit Rock energized and excited after the experience.  We provide the coaching, belayers and climbing equipment, so all you need to do is show up and climb.  No experience necessary.

Advance booking required (72 hours).  All equipment provided.  Loose, athletic clothes are recommended.

Please call (250) 427-7200 or visit us to make to make a booking.

Instructor / Coach

Ken Wilkinson
Birthday Parties, School Climbing Programs, Group Climbing Programs
Pat Bates
Climbing Club, Spirit After School, Group Programs
Brittney Mclean
Spirit After School, Kids Rock! Climbing Camp, Front desk
Max Brine
Front Desk, Climbing Club, Birthday Parties
James Gray
Owner, School groups, Front Desk

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