Group Size
2 hours
$79 + tax
Skill Level
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Program Description

How do climbers get the rope up to the top of the route?  Usually, someone has to lead climb to take the rope up there.  Do you think that person could be you?  Our two hour long Lead Climbing course will teach you what you need to know for indoor lead climbing, and also for lead climbing sport routes outdoors. This means learning to be proficient and comfortable with clipping quick draws, how to fall safely, and other tips and tricks to make your leading safe, fun and enjoyable.  We also cover lead belaying and the subtleties involved.  Our auto belay is a very useful tool in this course.

Instructor / Coach

Kevin Blades
Owner, Lead Climbing, Climbing Team, Climbing Club, Route setting
Eric Hsiung
Manager, Head Route-setter, Instructor

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